Our long-short story. How Greens & Afins was brought to life.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone: no matter the situation, every single individual has gone through a hard time and our story isn’t different. We had just moved into a new apartment in Temple Bar, we were really happy with our jobs and we thought that being in the city centre we would give us many advantages. Those were very joyful weeks, but a few weeks later…. BANG! The lockdown took place. Initially, we weren’t surprised because the COVID pandemic in Ireland was pretty bad, but the situation just got worse and worse and as everyone else, we ended up confined at home.

Since we were at home, we thought that bringing a bit of green in the house would transform the place in a calming and relaxing environment. In fact, it reconnected us with the nature and made us appreciate more the beauty and the essence of plants. Green then became a big part of our lives and our 2m² balcony was filled with green everywhere, from ornamental plants to trees and edible plants.

During this time, we also took the time to improve our cooking skills and use our creativity to cook with plants from our garden. That was a cool time, especially because our best friend was popping in every Friday for our wine-cooking-Netflix Friday night (we miss it so much) and we would make her try our kitchen experiments…and that’s how everything started.

We had this cold-pressed juice machine which would juice literally everything, from very sweet apples to garlic and very spicy peppers. Later our friend would become our Kombucha and Juice advisor and would encourage us to sell them in organic shops and markets. Although our juices and Kombuchas were promising in terms of flavours, I never really had the intention to sell it and to get an income out of it. I was just about to graduate and wanted to get a job in the field SO BAD.

I went through many and many interviews: nothing was happening. And later in July I was brought back to work for a lower salary than the government Covid payment. It was a very demotivating and depressing period, I felt worthless and that my life wouldn’t go any further than that. I really thought that this was the end for my time in Ireland.

During a random afternoon, while I was cleaning the house and seeing all those beautiful green plants that were now taking over our living room, it suddenly “Greens and Afins” couldn’t vanish from my thoughts - I had just mixed two different languages with a great rhyme. I have to say that I was being tormented by that, so I took a seat and put everything on paper: what it meant for me and how I would explain the concept of this mix to people. On that same week, I set up an Instagram account, spent my time creating cool and informative content for the page, and retrieving all the juices and kombucha experiment to come up with our 10 Signature flavours. Our friend, once again, was the taste-tester and with her feedback, I then shared with other friends who loved and also encouraged me to go for it.

I wasn’t losing anything, in fact, I thought that this could be a great opportunity. “I will never know if I never try”. Once I started hearing feedback from other people and friends, I felt confident to go even further, so I overhauled my goals and I decided to attach my personality and my beliefs (Mission & Values post) to the brand.

I have to say that during the “eased lockdown” between June-August I met incredible and key people that have helped me A LOT! I cannot describe how amazing these people have been and how inspiring and helpful they were in this new journey, adventure, but als risks… (you name it) I engaged myself in. I will always be immensely grateful for having these people in my life and my circle of friends.

Thank you for your time! <3

Lucas Gomes de Sa.

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